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About Kid's Smile

If you've ever tried arguing with a toddler, you know there's simply no winning. they have a logic all of their owen and simply cannot be deterred once they have made their mind up about something. They're fairly brilliant in their tactics too, as ruthless as they may be.


At Kid's Smile our mission is "Let your smile change the world but don't let the world change your smile". Our specially trained and competent staff ensures:

To provide high quality care in a fun learning environment.

Develop, implement and evaluate a stimulating and challenging education programme for all children based on their skills, needs and interest.

Develop awarencess & understanding of environmental issues.

Provide a home like atmosphere that is safe, secure & which promotes a close personal bond between teacher-student.

We believe in Playway and Montessori method.

Toddlers Programme/Play Group (2+)
Pre Nursery
Emphasis is liad on
Experiential learning
Stage exposure
Personality Grooming Sessions
Phonics and dictions

A spacious activity center with Toys, Games, Puzzles, doll-House, Area for T.V. viewing and Home Theater will be Provided.

We want to make our kids computer savvy. Computers forms an important aspect of our curriculum.. Children will be

introduced to the magical world of computers.

Creativity is a process of making something new from things we already know.
During creative play we foster the following qualities in children:
Self disciplined, Independent
Zanuy sense of humour
More adventurous and more curious
High in memory, Good attention to detail.

We at Kid's Smile belive that each child is special. Hence, each little events of life is celebrated with grandeur so as

to provide opportunities to these asiring tiny tots to perform before large audiences.
Child's Birthday Celebration
Annual Day
Sports Day
Celebration of every Festival
Grandparent's Day